Top 10 Best Zero Gravity Chair 2020

Life today has gotten hectic and troubling in all aspects and there seems to be no way out from the everyday stress. It’s everywhere, in our workplaces, the outer world and, even in our homes, we can’t escape it but we can make sure that we are not getting much effected by it. The most easier and natural way to get rid of stress or any kind of another disease that follows it is getting a deep long relaxing session of meditation and light massages. There is only one device that can offer all of this in one place and that is a zero gravity chair with extra advanced features. But first, we have to make sure that we have enough info on a zero gravity recliner before buying it.

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But before Dig more into Best Zero Gravity Chair, just have a look into Best cheap recliners in detail.

We have reviewed some top rated products for you, this way you will be able to choose the best for yourself! So let’s dig in!

1. Human Touch Set Gravis ZG Chair w/Zero-Gravity Seat, Air Massage Technology, One Size, Bone Pad

A recliner chair that has every advanced feature that you would ever want, this is that piece that you forever wanted in your house. This is something that you would forever want to relax your body and mind, let’s dig in the exquisite features. This is a smart technology, it’s equipped with an air massage technology, this device will for sure soothe you with a powerful message, the message it delivers is great for your back and glutes.

Not only that, but a chair massage also improves blood circulation and removes circulation. The seat is fully adjustable, which gives you the privilege of adjusting the sitting arrangement according to your size, the 0 gravity seat makes sure that your weight is distributed evenly. The feature gives you optimal support and comfort.

Apart from all these exciting features, the chair is also equipped with heat zone features, there is a heating system situated on three zones of the chair including the back, the seat, and the leg areas. The heating system can be turned on separately or side by side with other features, the heat is very effective to relieve stress and back pain.

The chair provides you targeted relief, the chair takes care of all the knots and of the body aches, you can customize your massage and choose from different features including, massage, stretch and also lumbar air massage. Apart from this, this chair comes with its own app, which is called the ZG app, the app gives you an upper hand when it comes to using amazing features such as memory settings, preset TV, nap recline positions, smart sitting options and much more.

  • It has many massaging types.
  • High quality.
  • Great design
  • Diversity in colors.
  • High price.


2. Human Touch Perfect Chair “PC-610” Premium Leather Zero-Gravity Hand-Crafted Therapeutic Walnut Power Recliner

 This piece is something that you can trust blindly because of the reputation of the company and the pride it owns, their products have been known to please people in every way. So let’s get into the features of this product to know more about it. The chair comes with an independent leg, back adjustability, a zero-gravity seating, dual-motor power and, leg elevation. The piece is adjustable to your needs, it has high-density lumbar support, with a release valve, this allows you to adjust your seating comfort.

It comes with a 5-way controller which makes controlling easier for you, you can control the whole movement of the chair by sitting in one place. This extra wide 0 gravity chair has a sleek ergonomic design that is beautifully crafted, made from top-grain leather, including the arms.

It has an articulating headrest, which includes a full support head pillow, along with extended armrest, which acts as constant support even if the chair is in recline. The product has a smooth- motion glide rails a high – tensile- strength body frame which protects against dust.

It also comes with a zero-gravity immersion, this feature uses the person’s weight as a help to ease the person into the most accurate position that the person’s body should be in. Talking about the composition, it has a hand-carved and hand stained solid wood which is 100% renewable.

The best part about the chair is the customizable options, who can choose from anything that you like including a top grain leather, a solid wood base, and additional upgrades of memory foam. This product also has a battery safety feature, which means that you would have a backup battery, it will restore the chair to an upright position when there is no power, the product requires 9V batteries.

  • The product is high in quality.
  • Has many features
  • It has a backup battery.
  • A great head and armrest.
  • It has a faulty delivery service.


3. Chair And a Half Recliner “PC-420” Top Grain Leather Hand-Crafted Zero-Gravity Dark Walnut Manual Recliner, Black

The features of this exquisite chair are something that makes it so unique, people absolutely loved everything this chair and we are excited to tell you all about it. Let’s dig into the features of this piece so we know all about it, the piece has an adjustable, high-density lumbar support which is equipped with a release valve, which gives you a seating comfort.

On the other hand, the sleek ergonomic design that it has is beautifully crafted, the pad is made to provide you with comfort, it relieves all your pain from heat to toe, also covering your arms. Let’s talk about the rest that this chair has with it, it has an articulated headrest, an extended armrest, a recline lever that smoothes the recline motion which makes turning your recliner in a chair easier and smoother.

There are smooth motion glide rails in this chair, this feature makes the structure strong, it makes sure that the structure remains without any kind of rust or dust to it. The chair also has a zero gravity immersion, which means that the recline is fluid manual, it uses the body weight to gently ease the pressure on the chair so that it adjusts according to the body weight.

Talking about the composition of the chair, it is hand-carved and hands stained wood which is 100% renewable because it has a solid parawood base. The chair and a half recliner also has an aesthetic look to it, with a sculpted brushed aluminum leg accents with integrated floor guides will make it look pleasing. You also get many customizable options.

  • Zero gravity.
  • Great aesthetics.
  • It has a release valve.
  • Large size.
  • Good quality.
  • The width and length are too short.

4. Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair, One Size, Black

We sure do need something that is just not good in quality but it should also be great with style, the massage chair should have the property to merge in with any kind of environment that we put it into and this chair right here has it. This chair is much different than any other chair and that is because of the Alexa connection feature, it is a smart chair that you can connect with your Alexa, have your own virtual therapist at home.

If you want superior relaxation then this is the only product you would ever want because of the design this thing is built-in, it’s beautifully crafted in every way. The uni track amazing design covers up to 60% of the back conventional massages, it makes you feel deeply relaxed from your neck to your thighs.

This chair has many programs including the 3D and the 4D programs, this high quality massager is certainly something that you would need, the massager comes with 38 wellness programs which offers a new experience. Let’s talk about the 4D programs, they offer variable speed and different massage strokes to implicate the hands of any other professional therapist.

This smart chair comes with a smart fingertip control system, the convenient control panel which manages the turning on and off, it also has an auto startup method, it has a adjust recline position, the panel has heat control, speaker volume, and the panel controls the upright position.

The chair massager also has a premium sound system, it is equipped with landing sound system, this massager allows you to listen to your favorite jam while you have a massage, this enhances relaxation. The sound system is equipped in the chair also offers a narration of the feature and health benefits of the chair massager.


Something that I don’t like about the massager is that it’s not cheap.

  • Has a smart fingertip control system.
  • It has a smart 3D and 4D system.
  • It has many massages modes.
  • It has a great sound system.
  • It’s very expensive.


5. Human Touch NOVO XT2 Massage Chair, One Size, Cream

This recliner massager is straight out of the art, it has everything that a person needs to make relaxed and forget all the worldly stress, let’s dig into the features to know more about the recliner chair. This piece has an improved massage technology, did you know that it’s engineered with five different intensity settings, this allows a person to have a variety of intensities. You also have the power to adjust the intensities.

For a more relaxing massage, you get dual lumber heat massage, this loosens tight muscles. Most of us are worried about whether the recliner chair will fit in our space or not, it only requires 2 inches of wall backspace, it also has a great premium sound system, you also get a Bluetooth system. It also has a zero-gravity position, it has a one-touch button operating system, which makes this managing easier, this massager is great if your doctor prescribed you the massage, it will automatically put you in a relaxed position which will be according to your body weight.

It makes sure that you get a unibody coverage, the massager is built with an amazing S and L shape body system, this system makes sure that the surface of the massager is adjusted to your body shape. This covers everything from your neck to your legs. It has a unique pressure application, you get a more relaxed and comforting massage, the air cells that are placed all over the massager inflate and deflate, this stretches the muscles and relaxed them.

The best thing about the massager is that it’s endorsed by the world federation of chiropractic, which gives you a green light about the quality of the massager.

  • Unique pressure application.
  • Zero gravity position.
  • It has a unibody coverage.
  • Airbag system.
  • It’s overpriced.


6. Human Touch Sana Full-Body Massage Chair – 9 Wellness Programs, Zero Gravity Seating – Includes LCD Remote Control, Espresso

This massager chair is something that you definitely need when you want a relaxing massage when you get home. Let’s know more about the features to see what this chair is. There is 9 auto wellness program in this chair, along with the therapeutic benefits of this massage, it is also aesthetically pleasing. This amazing chair has 9 massage programs, which includes the full-body stretch and it also provides recovery from different kinds of muscle body aches.

Wanna know more about this beauty? It has a calming cloud touch acupressure technology, it is built with properly placed air cells all over the chair, which apply pressure to all the key healing points of your body so that it takes care of all your pain. It also has a specified S and L track system, this extends the coverage of the massage which goes from your neck to your back and then finally covering your legs. It takes care of the natural curvature of your spine.

You also get a natural heating system which numbs your pain and provide instant relief to your pain. This chair also has a built-in entertainment center, it has a blue tooth system with speakers and a USB port for a hassle-free connection. You can listen to your favorite music or maybe watch a video.

  • Auto wellness program.
  • Soothing heat system.
  • Acupressure system.
  • They don’t deliver worldwide.

7. Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair, Espresso

Your search of an amazing massager that has every feature in it ends over here if you wanna know more about this massager let’s dig in. This massage offers you a full-body rejuvenation, it gives you a full therapy, to take care of all your pain that is located in your muscles, it has a body map pro feature which makes sure that you are hitting the accurate pain spot.

It has five selectable programs, it has a lower, full, upper, relax and, sleep massage. This is a great massager which acts as an all-rounder, the calf massage width is 4 inches in total. The circulation technology which is powered with figure-eight technology, massages your calves in a wave-like upward motion, which optimizes blood circulation throughout your whole body.

This piece also has seamless orbital massagers, it is a newly developed technology, this modern technology is also equipped with a 3D orbital system which gives a soothing massage, the best part about the massager is that it eliminates all the annoying pinching like motion that another massager chair has.

The design and the composition of the chair is something to simply adore, it has a separate foot and calf massage, it has a swivel base which rotates, this chair is simply the name of comfort, the cushions give you great support while you enjoy your massage.

  • Has a swivel base.
  • Many massage types.
  • High quality.
  • Space saving.
  • Low-quality fabric.


8. Human Touch WholeBody 5.1 Massage Chair – Swivel Base, Targeted Techniques – Relaxing Sensitive Technology – Fully Assembled

This product by human touch is something that you definitely need in your household, the features of this chair will tell you why. It is a full body massage chair, you get a whole-body massage comfort sitting in your home, it stimulates your hands and makes you feel like getting a massage from a professional.

It provides you with a stress-reducing relaxation, this machine will make sure that all your stress is washed away after a long relaxing massage. The chair has an angular swivel base, it has a structured 55-degree base that gives you the power to enjoy the whole massage from any kind of angle that you prefer, the design is multi-directional feature allows you to navigate easily while you have a massage.

You get exactly targeted relief and that is because of the three massage techniques which make sure that your main body parts are taken care of. This massager also makes sure that you get a retractable foot and calf massager technology. It makes sure that your legs as massaged, something that not all massagers have.

  • It is a full-body massager.
  • It is stress-reducing.
  • Swivel base.
  • Provides targeted relief.
  • It improves blood flow.
  • Less cushioning.


9. Human Touch ZeroG 5.0 Zero-Gravity Premium Massage Chair with 3D Massage, Black Color Option

This another massager by human touch is something that you definitely need if you have a really busy routine and you need something that would wash off all your stress in just a small session. You get a whole 0 gravity experience, it also takes care of all your body pain because when your body reaches equilibrium, your body rejuvenates itself and provides you relaxation. The foot and calf massager in the chair is separable.

The calf and foot massager also makes sure that you get a therapeutic massage, the massage is with vibrations with a figure-eight technology. It pushes the blood flow in an upward motion. The chair has a warm air technology, it targets relief from shoulder to your lower back, it has two lumbar heat modules, it soothes tight muscles and gives relief to pain.

The device also comes with heat customization, it has seat massage, foot vibration, 3D massage intensity and it adjusts shoulders. The chair comes fully assembled.

  • Zero gravity.
  • Heat customization.
  • Seat massage.
  • Warm air technology.
  • Low-quality delivery service.


10. Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-420 – Take the Perfect Zero Gravity Manual Recliner

You don’t have to be exhausted if you are having severe back pain instead get yourself treated with the right zero gravity and an ergonomic reclining chair. Of course, this full recliner chair helps you heal back pain and keeps you relaxed and comfortable. So, stop wasting your precious money on any artificial appearance but give yourself relaxation and treatment for your problems. Human touch perfect chair PC-420 is the best manual recliner for relaxation and also for the treatment of back pain.

Therefore, this fully reclinable chair with zero gravity gives you full manual support to feel you relaxed even more. Also, its strong wooden structure is reliable enough to last years as compared to various same functioning chair reliability. Well, this padded 0 gravity chair is not a power recliner to operate with remote controls, so keep that in mind that it is entirely manual and use with your own hands. In addition to this, that is the reason why this chair is more durable and reliable.

However, this zero gravity fully reclining chair gives your body quick healing after an operation or injury. So, it helps you to get back in the regular routine by improving the blood flow of your body thoroughly. Besides, its manual functions make it more reliable to use for long years without any defects. Also, ergonomics is necessary for today’s life as it decreases the stress of the body by relieving the pressure.

Moreover, its adjustable lumbar support gives various chances to customize it according to your position. Human touch pc-420 recliner is a modern and elegant design recliner that gives your living room an enhancing look with its best quality leather.

However, discussing various benefits of this ergonomic reclining chair. There are also some of its drawbacks present below.

  • Zero gravity
  • Best for back pains
  • Elegant design
  • Reliable
  • Bit expensive as compare to the same functioning chair
  • No massage options available



A recliner is a perfect device to take away all your stress and provide you with great relaxation but buying a great massager at a perfect price is very hard. But we will make it possible by the review above, we went through the top-rated products to make sure that you get the best.

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